WhatsApp has finally embraced Material Design


There’re no breaks on the Material Design train, and WhatsApp is the latest app to adopt Google’s design language. Android users can now install the update version of the app on their device which brings a complete visual rework. While nothing in the way of functionality has been added, the app looks much more aesthetically pleasing. 

The WhatsApp team have rolled out an update to the popular messaging platform, introducing a Material Design refresh, but you can’t get it on the Google Play Store just yet. Currently, the update (version 2.12.38) is only available from the WhatsApp website, which will require you to have app side-loading enabled on your smartphone to install apps from unknown sources. It’s a welcomed update and one we’re sure fans of the service will enjoy using. The visual refresh really makes for an inviting experience, and one you will want to continue using. We’ll also give you all a heads up as to when the update is available through the Google Play Store. for now, you can download the APK file from WhatsApp directly by hitting the link below.

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