Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ characters should have used social media


Game of Thrones

Twitter and Facebook exploded this past Sunday night with tweets and statuses surrounding the shocking ending of this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. I missed the episode and watched it a day later, so I cut myself off from the social media world to avoid any spoilers. However, after watching the episode, I saw what all the fuss was about.

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television right now. Many of the characters on the show have encountered problems at some point, but many of them could have easily been avoided had they logged into these social media accounts.


Arya Stark – Foursquare

Young Arya Stark has been on quite a journey since leaving Winterfell. After being captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners, and being held for ransom by the Hound, Arya has been traveling all across Westeros. If Arya had a Foursquare, she would be leading all characters by far in terms of points. She might even be the mayor of a few places. If she posted her locations for her mother and brother to find her, perhaps she would have made it back to them before their tragic deaths.


Daenerys Targaryen – LinkedIn

Daenerys Targaryen has been moving closer and closer to capturing the Iron Throne. However, she’s needed a lot of help along the way. Daenerys started with only a small group of Dothraki soldiers and dragon eggs. Since then, her dragons have hatched, she has found soldiers and a commander, but she’s gone through a lot of unnecessary trouble in doing so. Had the ‘Mother of Dragons’ simply gone on LinkedIn, she would have discovered soldiers and a capable commander without having to travel out of her way and partake in unnecessary battles. As for her dragons, they may be obedient to her but they are still young and untrained. Just by searching ‘dragon trainer,’ she could have found somebody to prepare her dragons for battle rather than have to wait until they grow and learn on their own. Maybe the Khaleesi should have learned some social media marketing skills before heading into war.


Robb Stark – Google+

Robb Stark had a valid claim to the Iron Throne and was working his way closer before he was murdered in the Red Wedding Massacre. However, if he built up his circle to gain support from other kingdoms, he could have completely avoided the event. He would have still been alive to wage war against the Lannisters. Also, if Robb used Google+, he would have already been in Lord Walder Frey’s circle from their previous partnership, so he might have been able to sense a vicious attack beforehand.


Joffrey Baratheon – Twitter

King Joffrey is not favored by many. However, maybe by tweeting to the citizens of King’s Landing, he could have gained some support. The young king is also quite a little brat and loves to complain. What better way to vent to the world than tweet? Celebrities do it, so why not the King? #DaddyIssues


Jon Snow – Instagram

Okay, so Jon Snow may not NEED an Instagram, but he would definitely have a ton of followers. This guy has a beautiful pet wolf that would appeal to animal lovers, has a hot girlfriend who I’m sure would get plenty of likes and could definitely take some beautiful landscape shots from the top of the Wall. Snow really has seen it all and I’m sure the world would love to see what he saw.


Tyrion Lannister – Facebook

“The Imp” is obviously not a huge threat on his own. But after the battle with Lord Renley, Tyrion gained quite a bit of support. If he had been on Facebook, his page likes would have skyrocketed! Just like social media agencies use Facebook to gain popularity, Tyrion could have done the same. With Facebook having over a billion users, I’m sure Tyrion would have quite a large fan base (especially since not too many people seem to favor his other relatives). I’m sure he’d also have some pretty witty Facebook status updates.

All in all, this just goes to show that even characters in a fictional world could benefit from social media.

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