Why Seattle is probably the best place for startups at the moment

The biggest factor in determining whether a city is a good place to build a startup is how large that city’s talent pool is. An appealing culture, attractive scenery, delicious food, good universities, and all of that stuff is simply the bait that attracts the intelligent, skilled workers that are essential to building a successful startup. This is something that Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood highlighted in a recent presentation and stated his belief that this is what makes Seattle the best city to build a startup at the moment. 

According to Unikrn CEO and former Microsoft Ventures General Manager Rahul Sood, entrepreneurs building their companies in Seattle have a great tool at their disposal: a powerful and loyal talent pool. “Seattle is the best place to build a startup company right now because of the talent pool. There is no better talent pool on the planet,” Sood said during his presentation at GeekWire’s Startup Day. “The second thing is that it’s not nearly as bloodthirsty and cutthroat as it is in (Silicon Valley). In the Valley, people are fickle. They leave, they go to the next startup, they leave, and it’s all a bunch of kids. Coming out of school, and they have this sort of air about themselves, and they think they’re worth more than they are, and they’re not.”

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