Why should marketers take advantage of the new Mobile Garage from Google and Mindshare?



The mobile revolution is now, and marketers across all industries are being strongly encouraged to start taking advantage. Who’s doing all the encouraging? Oh, only marketing experts and some of the biggest names in the world of business. Among them is Google, who recently teamed up with global media network Mindshare to launch Mobile Garage.


What is Mobile Garage?

Mobile Garage is a joint initiative geared to provide Mindshare’s worldwide client base with the advantages that come with leveraging Google’s mobile expertise. The venture will lead to the creation of global hubs – initially to be rolled out in London, New York, and Singapore, where clients in those locations will be able to access resources that can help with their mobile strategies. These hubs will be comprised of team members from both Google and Mindshare, experts skilled in essential mobile marketing aspects ranging from planning and search engine optimization to app development and content creation.

Here are a few compelling reasons that highlight the importance of taking advantage of the Mobile Garage initiative:

Mobile Search is On the Rise – Mobile search traffic has seen an increase of roughly 400% over the last two years, according to Mindshare. That is amazing in and of itself, but there is plenty of room for this vertical to expand much further. Marketers should know that the growth of mobile search fuels the promise of other areas, including advertising, app usage, and e-commerce.

Continuous App Explosion – Mobile applications are incredibly popular, and this makes them quite valuable to marketers. There are many benefits of having your own app, including increased brand awareness, user engagement, and even sales when you play your cards right. However, app development is a big part of the process, hence why Google lending its expertise in this area makes the Mobile Garage venture worthy of a closer look.

We Haven’t Even Scratched the Surface – Industry experts have predicted that by 2020, there will be 24 billion mobile connected gadgets. This would in turn, create a thriving market worth a whopping $4.5 trillion. These are just a few of many statistics to give us all an idea of how much the mobile channel as a whole is poised to grow. While the opportunities will always be there, those who take advantage while this thing is still in its infancy might be able to gain a sizable edge.

Mobile Garage is one of several mobile initiatives Google has in the pipeline. The company recently launched The Mobile Playbook, a comprehensive resource guide designed to help businesses get ahead in this exciting channel. Mindshare has also been establishing a presence in the mobile sector, showing that it is name businesses can depend on to lead them into the future of marketing.

Sound interesting? Check out Mindshare online for more information.

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