Why you cannot get Pinterest analytics just yet


cannot get Pinterest analytics

There was huge news announced today just days after the new look to Pinterest is tested by those who choose to preview the new look while still having the ability to switch back to the old look to Pinterest…for now. Even though there are significant aesthetic changes to Pinterest, the biggest news for them this week is the announcement of analytics for Pinterest.

Although this will cause many Internet Marketers and business folks in particular to want to jump on this as quickly as possible there is a catch. Even though its states on the Pinterest blog how to verify your website as the first step to gain its analytics they leave out a very important aspect….it’s not available to all blogs or websites.

Currently it states that you are able to verify your website by uploading a specific file associated with your Pinterest account to your server or for the majority of us; they have provided a similar meta-tag generated html code to add to your sites.

Although it might be a little too much for some, most pinners who have blogs or websites have a point of contact that usually can help with the back end of things – since adding any code to an existing template can cause major errors if added incorrectly.

With that said, the actions required to gain access to Pinterest analytics should be pretty straight forward. But to save you time and disappointment, what is not said is that once you try and verify your website it will not verify since verification is currently only for top-level websites, of course this was found after some digging around in the Pinterest Help section.

So just as us eager beavers who have been awaiting for an official analytical resource from Pinterest get all excited, we must be aware that unless you have a top-level site you are not able to even verify your website which is the first step in gaining access to Pinterest Analytics. As of right now there are no further details as to when it will be available to everyone but surely it is only a matter of time.

[via Pinterest Blog]
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  1. Hi Erin, I stumbled upon Pinterest Analytics on Tuesday. I really appreciate having this information available. Pinterest is driving a lot of traffic to my blog so these statistics are very useful to see which pins seem to be drawing the most interest.

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