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Are You Ready for Some Wii Football?

Wii Football 1

Is it time of the year again? No, not quite yet! However, if you happen to be one of the millions who own a Nintendo Wii, the Soft-football for Wii controller could help get you through the NFL’s off-season.

While a similar Wii controller that was shaped like a football received plenty of attention for its patent by Nintendo last year — granted, it is only a football — CTADigital has crafted their own implementation. And it seems to be the real deal; however, it does look somewhat awkward.

The football itself is said to feel similar to a Nerf football. It has some give to it — users will be able to grip it and perform realistic throwing actions. It will also feature a slot that will hold the Wii controller, and it is also compatible with Wii Motion Plus (for even more Manning-like precision).

Either way, football fans be able to hit the virtual gridiron with this accessory in several games including: Madden NFL 10, Backyard Football ’09, Family Fun Football, Blitz: The League, NCAA Football 09 All-Play, and more.

American Football fans across the world have only two questions now: when and how much? Unfortunately, there are no answers to those questions.

[via: UberGizmo]

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