Will Google Glass empower creeps and perverts?


Google Glass Spying

Cell phones. GoPro. Spy cams. There are already a ton of different ways for creeps and perverts to take pictures and shoot videos of unknowing subjects for whatever nefarious reasons they have. Google Glass – this could be the technology they’ve needed to take it to another level.

Hands-free perverts (at least while they’re spying). That’s one of the fears of some. It was highlighted inadvertently during a publicity stunt from a local bar in Seattle who announced that they were banning Google Glass entirely from use. Their reason – they’re a seedy bar whose patrons value their privacy and anonymity. The goal was to get the bar mentioned by a local radio station but the reality of Google Glass is that it could very easily be used as an indiscreet spying and recording device.

Some say that it’s too easy already, that cell phone cameras are easy enough to use. Looking on YouTube reveals that it’s true – people will record things with their discreet cameras that were simply not preserved in video form just a few years ago. However, Google Glass takes it to another level. Someone shooting with Google Glass does not stand out in a crowd the way that someone shooting with a small or cell phone camera does. Many are uncomfortable being so obvious with shooting pictures and video, but they won’t be so if they get Google Glass.

Should Google be forced to make the light next to camera mandatory? It won’t prevent it completely, but if they tied it in like that with a little light similar to the light next to a laptop camera, they would be able to discourage spying a little. If Google Glass looks no different when recording than when dormant, there will be many challenges. Conversations will be recorded. Even when they’re not being recorded, people will be uncomfortable talking to those with their Google Glass on their face. Fights will break out. The world will come tumbling down.

The last parts may be a little overboard, but it doesn’t change the reality. If Google Glass is a success, it will change the game for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the private archives of perverts everywhere.


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