William Shatner attacks Reddit’s etiquette and lack of rule enforcement


William Shatner

When Captain Kirk does a Reddit AMA, geeks rejoice. When he sticks around on the site and starts calling out users, administrators, and managers for allowing too much hate speech, people still listen but not with as much zeal.

Actor William Shatner, a man who despite his age is no stranger to the internet or social media, joined the social news powerhouse and followed in the footsteps of President Obama and dozens of other celebrities to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything). He stayed on the site and has explored it over the past several days, coming to a stark conclusion: they’re adhering too heavily to free speech to the point of promoting hate speech that is racist, sexist, and homophopic. Now, he’s speaking out and having a lot of questions asked about the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”.

Buzzfeed compiled the conversations and statements made by Shatner about the site:

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