Windows 10 Mobile might finally launch later this month


Windows Phone sales have shrunk into virtual non-existence, and the release of Windows 10 Mobile might breathe new life into the platform, if Microsoft ever gets around to releasing it. Originally expected to be released in late February, the operating system still isn’t available for existing Lumia devices, but according to a report from VentureBeat on Monday, the company will finally be rolling out Windows 10 Mobile later this month, for real this time.

Microsoft was expected to release Windows 10 Mobile to users in late-February. Unfortunately though, that didn’t happen. Now, according to VentureBeat, Microsoft is targeting a release for the OS this month. The company will apparently start rolling out the OS after releasing the monthly firmware update for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, according to the report. VentureBeat stated: “Unlike the previous schedule, reported by VentureBeat at the end of January, this one separates the upgrade from the service update. In other words, whereas the February rollout would have seen the update bundled into the upgrade, in March they are expected to be two distinct processes. The rollout is said to begin passively, from Microsoft’s perspective, in that users will need to initiate it manually from their handsets. Only afterwards, on an unspecified timetable, will the company begin actively pushing the new firmware to eligible devices.”

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