Windows 10 will support password-killing biometric security at launch


Hackers have shown us time and time again that passwords aren’t as secure as many people seem to think they are which is why many companies have started to implement extra security measures to help protect their customers. Another solution to this would be the use of biometrics, which would be far more difficult for someone to steal. Apparently Microsoft likes the sound of this solution because the company has announced that Windows 10 will come with built-in FIDO support. 

Today, Microsoft was a participant at the United States White House Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit at Stanford University where industry leaders gathered to discuss collaborative opportunities and new developments that will bolster cybersecurity. Representing Microsoft at the event was Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President of Trustworthy Computing, who is responsible for a range of corporate programs that influence the security of Microsoft’s products, services, and internal networks. One of the administration’s top discussion points for the summit was stated as “shaping a cyber-savvy workforce and moving beyond passwords in partnership with the private sector”, which is also one of the top priorities for us here at Microsoft. Our work in this area is one of the most important priorities for the upcoming Windows 10 release. We talked recently about new password alternative and credential technology in our Windows 10: Security and Identity Protection for the Modern World blog.

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