Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 7 Launched Today



In addition to Windows Mobile 7, the platform, Steve Ballmer unleashed nine shiny new phones from various companies such as Samsung and HTC on the world today, and called them Windows Phone 7.

Three of the phones will be sold through AT&T in the US next month. Stephen Fry, a self-avowed Mac fan, has this to say about the phone at a launch event in London:

“When I got one of these (phones) my first feeling was it’s fun to play with. I have felt enormous pleasure using this phone,” Fry said. “Yes, I love Apple, but I’m not a monotheist. I want biodiversity in this market and all of us that love it should welcome that too.”

Microsoft is releasing these phones at the same price point as an iPhone through AT&T; $200.00 with a two-year contract. At that price point, a phone without the iPhone’s AppStore selection or technical specifications will have a difficult time competing.

See more pictures and tech specs of the first Windows Phones being offered by AT&T, the Samsung Focus, the HTC Surround, and the LG Quantum over at Computerworld.

As Reported By: Reuters

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