Wireless Armour protects your nether regions from smartphone radiation


There are some who believe that the electromagnetic waves emitted by our phones, especially when kept in our pockets, can affect a man’s sperm count and sperm motility, and if you are a big believer of that, then the Wireless Armour Indiegogo project is one that you’ll definitely want to fund. Developed by Joseph Perkins, Wireless Armour is basically a pair of underpants designed for men in mind.

Meet Joseph Perkins. He wants to protect your particulars from the electromagnetic radiation you may be submitting them to from keeping your phone in your pants. In short, he believes more needs to be done to protect the thing in your pants from that other thing you put in your pants. As such, what is basically a wearable Faraday cage was designed, in the form of men’s underwear. Citing unnamed studies that show a man keeping a phone in his pants causes a reduction in sperm count and sperm motility. Of course, the research on health impacts from mobile phone radiation is inconclusive at best, but Perkins is on a mission, and it may not be all that misguided.

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