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Work remotely from your bed with ErgoArc

Work remotely from your bed with ErgoArc

There are some days you truly do not want to get out of bed, whether it is due to illness, a bad mood or simply because you love the comforts of your bed and since you work from home one of the perks are that you can choose where you want to work from any given day, yes that even includes your bed.

Laptops have made mobility easier for those on the go or want to move around without having to always be in one spot, most of us like to chat online in a comfy spot and since computer chairs and desks have almost become a ball and chain, instead of reading a book in bed, use your computer.

The ErgoArc is clearly not the first of its kind, but does provide you the ability to move it in various positions so you can continuously communicate while remaining comfortable, you can even use it while completely lying down. It also offers a spot for an external mouse and a place to hold your Starbucks drink too.

It looks super convenient and almost makes you want to curl up in your bed with your laptop without ever having to crawl out of it again, well except to eat of course.

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