Xiaomi has launched its own smart blood pressure monitor


When we talk about a company like Xiaomi, more often than not we would think of a company from China that rolls out smartphones. Having said that, it is interesting to note that Xiaomi intends to take the plunge into the health gadget sector, having worked alongside an organization that is called iHealth Labs. The ultimate result of this partnership in the near future? To roll out a blood pressure monitor which has been specially designed to function alongside a smartphone, and no prizes for guessing just which particular smartphone brand it will work with right out of the box.

Xiaomi today will launch its first ever healthcare product, a smart blood pressure monitor. The sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure cuff, and accompanying phone dock was made in partnership with US-based iHealth Labs. The device will go on sale in China exclusively on Xiaomi’s official website for RMB 199 (US$32). iHealth also sells a blood pressure monitor in Apple stores, which costs RMB 799 (US$130) in China. Xiaomi promises the blood pressure monitor will be easy to use and meets all the necessary professional medical standards and certifications. The app, customized for Xiaomi, tracks blood pressure, heart rate, average pulse and more on a real-time chart, then make recommendations for improvement. A Xiaomi spokesperson told Tech in Asia the blood pressure monitor can be used on other Android devices, but it is best suited for Xiaomi smartphones.


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