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Xiaomi’s big March 31st announcement may be a women’s product

Sorry boys, it looks like the secret device that Xiaomi will be celebrating its fifth birthday by launching will be geared towards women. The company released a teaser poster featuring a dress and the words “NSSJ” over a pink background. This still tells us next to nothing and there’s a good chance that it will only be one of a handful of announcements made on March 31 so I suppose we’ll have to wait until then. 

Yesterday we reported that Xiaomi will celebrate its fifth anniversary on March 31 this year by releasing some exciting products. While there are a number of possible products that could be revealed on that day, Xiaomi’s co-founder Lin Bin may have given us a clue about one of the upcoming announcements. Xiaomi’s official account on Weibo released an interesting teaser image recently. The picture had a dress with a bow along with the words ‘NSSJ’ on top. From the color used in the image as well as the dress displayed, it looks like Xiaomi will announce something related to women on its fifth anniversary. However, we still have to find out the meaning of the word ‘NSSJ’. While this particular image doesn’t really tell us about the upcoming product, Lin Bin’s post on Weibo yesterday shed some light on what to expect at the celebration event.

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