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Xiaomi patents new fingerprint scanning technology

With market leaders like Apple and Samsung fully embracing biometric scanning with their flagship smartphones, it’s only natural that their competitors do the same. Xiaomi in particular, which is well known for blatantly copying Apple’s products, has patented new technology that would enable the Chinese company to develop and release smartphones that are equipped with fingerprint scanning technology. It stands to reason that the first smartphone to to receive this feature will be the highly-anticipated Mi5, but that’s only speculation.

Similar to Apple’s latest iPhone 6 handset, it would appear that Xiaomi is looking to place the fingerprint scanning technology across the home button for their upcoming smartphones. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer filed a patent that would allow the use to develop and release smartphones that contain the fingerprint scanning technology. This will allow consumers to easily unlock their handset while also keeping it secured from the hands of strangers. The first smartphone to possibly receive this new technology could be the Xiaomi Mi 5 though details on the handset are still fairly scarce. Popular Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has applied for a patent based around new fingerprint technology within their upcoming handsets. The patent was registered for this technology to be implemented within their smartphones physical touch buttons though it would most likely mean the main home button of the handset. While we haven’t seen this particular technology used before within Xiaomi’s line of smartphones, it would work very similar to Apple’s iPhone 6. According to the patent, Xiaomi will implement the fingerprint scanning technology with the home button and cover it with a thin piece of glass. Details from the patent requested by Xiaomi can be found right down below.

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