Xserve: The Short Goodbye

In case you just can’t get enough of Apple’s Xserve, you’d better take some time out to order a few – like right now – for today is the last chance you’re gonna have. You’ll recall back in November, when Apple announced the end of Xserve – how time flies.  Maybe you won’t, but either way, it’s over.

In case you’re still hankering for a hunk of Mac server action, the Xserve will be replaced by two new options in the Apple store – the first, direct descendant of Xserve is a new Mac Pro running Snow Leopard Server, and the second is an adorable SL Sever-based Mac Mini (the former goes for $2999, the latter, $999).

Goodbye, Xserve, we hardly new ye. No, really, we didn’t. That’s why you’re being trashed.

What do you think?

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