Yahoo is killing off even more of its products


It seems like not a day goes by without more evidence of Yahoo’s imminent demise popping up, and I have no idea why watching it all unfold is so entertaining to me, especially considering I haven’t even used a Yahoo service in years. The most-recent evidence of the company’s demise comes in the form of even products being killed off, including Livetext and Yahoo Games. Yahoo explained in a post to its official Tumblr blog that it’s killing off these products in order to put more focus on products that are actually successful, such as Tumblr and Yahoo Mail.

The bloodletting continues. As part of its Q1 progress report, Yahoo indicated that it will be scuttling some of its products. On the chopping block this time are Yahoo Games, Yahoo Livetext, more Yahoo regional sites, and Yahoo’s BOSS JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Yahoo Games will go away on May 13, which gives gamers a bit more time to play those favorites and developers a bit more time to figure out any kind of transition process they need to implement. That mostly affects anyone who has made in-app purchases for any Yahoo Games title, as it’ll be up to the developers to handle how to possibly migrate your content to a different platform. Starting on March 14, gamers will no longer be able to make any in-app purchases on the Yahoo Games site. “You should seek information from the game publisher of the games in which you have made in-game purchases to see what options they have for transferring your in-game purchases. We have reached out to game publishers and asked them to develop a transition plan for players in the coming days,” reads Yahoo’s FAQ.

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