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Yahoo launches its News Digest app on Android

Alongside announcements about its News Digest today, Yahoo has also launched its Sports in the UK app for Android and iOS devices. As well as providing a wealth of general sporting news, scores and stats, Yahoo said it has taken the UK’s love of soccer into the equation, and created a tailored, customisable, experience with information that includes team line-ups and formations, goal alerts and more in-game, team and player stats “than any app out there”.

Four months after bringing its unconventional news app to iOS, Yahoo News Digest arrives on Android today along with international editions that bring a global perspective to currents. Yahoo News Digest for Android includes both the regular app, which provides twice-daily summaries of the day’s top stories, along with a news widget you can place on your home screen. Previously available only in the US App Store, Yahoo is now making the digest available in English globally, adding a Canada edition and a more general international edition to the app. News Digest differs sharply from other apps that notify you of current events by eschewing an endless stream in favor of a finite set of stories. Each day at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., the app sends you a push notification inviting you to read your digest. Inside, you typically see eight to 12 stories that have been summarized by Yahoo algorithms and curated by editors who work for the company.

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