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Yahoo wants users to have “on-demand” passwords

Remembering your Yahoo password is such a chore, right? Not really, but Yahoo wants to make things easier for you regardless. That’s why the company has launched a new service called “on-demand” passwords which enables users to log into their Yahoo account using a small password that the company texts to their phone, as opposed to remembering a single password of varying complexity. 

Turns out nobody can remember their Yahoo passwords. Now the company wants to make it so no one has to. Yahoo on Sunday introduced a new service called “on-demand” passwords, which lets someone log into a Yahoo account using a short password the company texts to their phone, instead of having to remember their own password. Alex Stamos, Yahoo’s chief information security officer, said the product will be ready for consumers by the end of the year. Here’s how it works: You log into your Yahoo account using your normal passwords. In the security settings, you turn on on-demand passwords and register your phone. Next time you try to login, the password field is replaced by a button that says “send my password,” and the company texts a four-character password to your phone.

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