Yes please, I want a Treepee!


Yes please, I want a Treepee

Oh what it would be like to be young again… jumping in bouncy castles, on trampolines and swinging off that gigantic tree in the backyard… Kid’s today are swamped with their schedules from ballet to kick boxing and then off to playing video games; that not too many actually spend the time outdoors doing the things we did as a kid.

So I introduce to you the tent/bouncy castle/trampoline and swing known as the Treepee. It is always more fun when you can purchase the Swiss army knife of toys and save space and money to have kids experience the fun of just, well, being a kid.

Save the trees as well with this cool new creation by having it act like a tree house using aerial suspensions or pegs depending on its intended use to explore a world of possibilities with the least amount of worry for an accident waiting to happen.

The Treepee has a UV protected fabric to keep kids safe from the sun with pockets and a bag on a pulley for storage. It also has bug nets on the windows to allow airflow without the pesky annoyance of insects. Your kids will be uber safe with this exotic design since it is also water resistant and fire retardant.

Let your kids enjoy the great outdoors with giving them their own space to be a kid and enjoy the fun that can be had with the Treepee’s multi-purposes.

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