Yet another iPad rumor: HD


ipad 2

While rumors of an iPad 3 coming out later this year bouncing between yes, no, maybe, and we don’t know, the latest rumor seems to make a little more sense. An HD variation of the current iPad 2 is being considered as “likely” with double the current resolution of 1024×768. The idea is that it would be available as either a pro version or one that would allow HD mobile apps.

The folks over at TechFast match our own speculations. Would it be useful? Maybe. Would it sell? Obviously.

  1. Apple iPad 2 will not support true HD or full HD. Because iPad 2 come with 1024*768 resolution and 1080p HD content needs 1280*720 resolution. IF you connect your iPad 3 with HD TV than your not able to watch 1080p video on it. It support only 720p resolution. People will love HD version of iPad.

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