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YikYak is solving its biggest problem with a feature called Basecamp

As a location-based message board that allows users to anonymously share jokes and memes with each other, it’s no surprise that YikYak’s success is thanks mostly to college campuses. The only problem is, the school year is going to come to an end eventually, so what do users do when that happens. Fortunately, YikYak has a solution called Basecamp, a new feature that allows users to connect with a community without actually needing to be in the area. 

Get ready… Yik Yak’s newest beta feature, Basecamp, is coming! Basecamp will let you stay connected with your herd – even if you’re leaving campus for the weekend, taking a semester away to pursue that dream internship, or backpacking across Europe for the summer. Now you’ll be able to yak with your local herd, or switch over to your Basecamp to keep on yakking with the people who understand you best in your herd back home. When you’re ready to set up Basecamp, you can click on ‘Set Your Basecamp’ from the main feed, which will take you to a screen where you can set your Basecamp community. Just to be super duper clear: you can only set your Basecamp once, so choose wisely when selecting the Basecamp community you want to stay connected with. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to switch between posting to your current local feed (where you can share thoughts and observations with those around you) or your Basecamp (where you can yak with, vote on, and reply to your herd back home).

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