You can get your hands on Sony’s new smartglasses for $840


Something has to fill the smartglasses void now that Google Glass has been sent back to the drawing board and Sony thinks its SmartEyeglass is the perfect replacement. All you need to do is drop $840 on this pair of high-tech face gadgetry that some how manages to make you look even goofier than Google Glass did. In fact, the smartglasses look like some kind of 1980s throwback gadget. 

Now that Google Glass has retreated from public view, other companies are hoping to capitalize on the non-existent smart glasses market. One such company is Sony, which, for some inexplicable reason, is offering its SmartEyeglass wearable to consumers all across the globe. All you’ll need is a cool $840—about the price of a solid laptop. If you thought Google Glass made people look silly, Sony’s product looks even nerdier. Not only are the frames themselves bulkier, but there’s a separate controller that’s permanently wired to the SmartEyeglass. They look like something out of the 80s. Once hooked up to a supported smartphone, you can use the controller for gestures, and even speak into it if you don’t want to type messages out. Sony made a video showing off what the SmartEyeglass can do, and it actually perfectly demonstrates why you shouldn’t buy them. Kudos to Sony for trying something new and different, but I’m shocked the company has approved this for public consumption. The florescent green text makes my head hurt.

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