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You can now serve divorce papers to your spouse through Facebook

Technology and the Internet are quickly making it so that we never actually need to come into direct physical contact with anyone in order to live our lives. According to a ruling by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper, this includes serving divorce papers. The landmark ruling allowed a woman by the name of Ellanora Baidoo to serve divorce papers though a Facebook message to her husband who had been eluding her. 

A Brooklyn woman scored a judge’s approval to legally change her relationship status to “single” via Facebook. In a landmark ruling, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper is allowing a nurse named Ellanora Baidoo to serve her elusive husband with divorce papers via a Facebook message. Baidoo, 26, “is granted permission serve defendant with the divorce summons using a private message through Facebook,” with her lawyer messaging Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku through her account, Cooper wrote. “This transmittal shall be repeated by plaintiff’s attorney to defendant once a week for three consecutive weeks or until acknowledged” by her hard-to-find hubby. “I think it’s new law, and it’s necessary,” said Baidoo’s lawyer, Andrew Spinnell. His client and Blood-Dzraku tied the knot back in a civil ceremony back in 2009, but their relationship crumbled when Blood-Dzraku reneged on his promise to have a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony as well, Spinnell said. Both are from Ghana. “She wanted their families there,” the lawyer said.

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