You can now unlock your Moto X with a wearable “tattoo”


The perpetually locked phone, while secure, slightly annoys. Am I right? Now you can get a wearable “tattoo” that syncs with a Moto X phone and allows you to unlock your phone with a quick tap. The nickel-sized stickers comes from Vivalink, part of Motorola’s ATAP lab, which was fully absorbed into Google. Apply one to your arm or skull or thigh — whatever works — and then sync it to your Moto X’s NFC unlock. When it comes time to use your phone, tap the sticker and the phone unlocks muy pronto. It’s one tap versus four. Imagine how much time you’ll save.

A little over a year ago now, the then-Motorola-controlled Advanced Technologies Group took to the stage at the D11 Conference, revealing a few interesting projects including a smart pill and a tattoo, both of which were designed to make authenticating your phone a breeze — without the need for passwords and pins. While the smart pill is probably still a ways off, the latter of these projects has now reached commercial availability! The new “Digital Tattoo” is produced by VivaLnk, a Silicion Valley tech company that it developed with the cooperation of Google’s ATAP group. Just like what was shown off last year, the tattoo lasts for 5 days before needing changed out and uses NFC technology to unlock your phone quickly. For those wondering, the tattoo is completely water proof as well, so need to worry about that.

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