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You’ll be able to control your Tesla vehicle from your Apple Watch

It looks like Apple’s “there’s an app for that” motto will apply to the Apple Watch as well. Software development company ELEKS is apparently working on an app for Apple’s upcoming smartwatch that will allow you to control your Tesla vehicle from your wrist as well as monitor battery life and remaining range and even track it down with GPS. 

With prices around $70,000, you might not be able to afford a Tesla Model S, the luxury electric car made by CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla Motor Company. But with the forthcoming Apple Watch, which is expected to cost a much more reasonable $350, you might at least be able to control a rich friend’s Tesla from your wrist. You’d be able to do this by loading an app on the Apple Watch created by software development company ELEKS. The app has multiple screens that can be accessed by swiping the watch’s face from side to side. It also provides the ability to monitor the Tesla’s battery life and remaining range, track the car’s location, lock and unlock the doors, sound the horn, operate the lights, open and close the sunroof and adjust passenger and driver temperatures. It sounds like developing the app wasn’t easy — certainly not as easy as promised by Apple.

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