Your old friend MySpace could be your newest social place



Justin Timberlake may have played in the movie “The Social Network”, however in real life he has taken on a new role by investing in another Social Network, one we are all too familiar with, MySpace.

You may remember MySpace as an unorganized cluttered space where music auto-played and glitter covered the pages that you had no idea where to start. Now MySpace is getting revamped and reorganized for you to be able to discover what is happening on the site.

You will be able to organize your interests into different sections with areas displaying events, music mixes, connections and shops. You will also be able to see how many connections you share and if you are compatible with a percentage that will display by your profile picture.


Of course MySpace has been popular for music so you will still be able to showcase your music catalog while showing who your top friends are or what your profile song is. Show off your latest albums and check out analytics of whom your top fans are weekly and where they are located that could have great potential in helping you market your next album.

Check out the new MySpace and how it has a magazine style platform that looks clean and refreshing.

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