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YouTube Gets Instant With… Well, YouTube Instant

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feross thanksI was really sorta worried about Google Instant. I thought I was gonna hate it. I thought it would be as bloody irritating as that drop-downy-thing Firefox does before you turn it off. Autocomplete my searches? Get bent, Google.

But actually, Google Instant has been the freaking bomb, all live-updating my results n’ junk. Truly, the feature I never knew I wanted.

Google, though, isn’t the only service to have been ‘instantized’ in the past week, though. Taking a page from The Goog, programmer Feross Aboukhadijeh decided YouTube could use a lil’ instant, and got to work on exactly that.

“My roommate bet me that I couldn’t code it up in an hour,” Feross explained to All Things Digital. “It ended up taking 3 hours, so he won the bet.”

The resulting service, thrillingly named YouTube Instant, is a totally neato live video search that adds a little extra serendipity to the traditional ‘wasting hours and hours and hours on YouTube’ experience. As you’d expect, the video window updates in real time as you type your query. R. A. D.

And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s rad – “The YouTube CEO actually offered me a job on Twitter, he liked it so much,” said Feross. Not bad for 3 hours dinking around with some code.

But ironically, Feross can’t accept – he’s already working for Zuck & Co. as an intern at Facebook! And apparently, it’s “something really cool”.

Dude, if it’s anything like YouTube Instant, I bet it will be.

What do you think?

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