YouTube may soon allow advertisers to use third-party analytics tools


The problem with running ads on YouTube is that, due to the company’s notorious lack of transparency, it’s difficult for advertisers to find out which of their ads people are actually watching. Google allows advertisers to use Active View to see analytics regarding their ads, but its not enough for many advertisers who want to see for themselves how well their ads are doing. That’s why YouTube is reportedly preparing to allow advertisers to use third-party tools to do so. 

Google Inc’s YouTube is planning to provide advertisers with data on how many of the ads on its internet video service can be seen by viewers in response to advertiser complaints, according to the Financial Times. The online story, which cited unnamed people familiar with YouTube’s plans, said the company plans to allow third-party verification groups to insert code on its website, which would let them collect data on the position and context of ads. It said that the move is expected to start by year-end and could attract verification companies including ComScore, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science. The plan is a response to complaints from advertisers, including Unilever and Kellogg Co, according to the story. Representatives for YouTube were not immediately available for comment.

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