YouTube Music Key is being renamed to YouTube Red


It’s been almost a year since YouTube first launched YouTube Music Key, a music-centric subscription service that allows users to watch certain music videos ad-free and even download them for offline playback, and now it looks like the service is about to get a new name. An update to the YouTube app reveals that YouTube Music Key is about to be renamed to YouTube Red, which happens to coincide with Google’s recent decision to rename Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Unlimited.

YouTube has been going through some significant changes to the way it looks and works of late. It was only a week or so ago when the latest update news came through suggesting that soon YouTube users are likely to see a big change to the way in which they interact with videos and video listings. One which will very much improve the experience when surfing through YouTube and looking for specific videos. Not to mention, the much bigger picture change over the last year or so, has been the implementation of YouTube’s Music Key. For those who have still not properly used Music Key, this is essentially a YouTube oriented music service where you can stream videos offline and watch (or rather listen to) YouTube videos in the background on your device. Well, a recent teardown from Android Police is now suggesting that another rather big change may be en route to YouTube Music Key. Although, if correct, this change will be less to do with the actual features of the service and much more to do with the name.

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