Zoomdata raises $17 million to help visualize your data

Zoomdata, a startup with software that visualizes a wide variety of data both historically and in real time, as well as generates reports, revealed a $17 million round of funding today. The money will go toward sales and marketing at a time when the company contends with several other big data analytics startups.

Investors have funneled $17 million into the coffers of Zoomdata, a Reston-based data analytics and visualization company, which executives said will be used to expand product development and increase sales efforts. “It’s really helping us take our technology to market in a real way,” founder and chief executive Justin Langseth said. “We haven’t done any marketing at all and up to this point we have had one and a half sales people.” Zoomdata’s technology builds on the big data phenomenon that has gripped just about every industry in recent years. Companies have more information at their fingertips than ever before about their own internal operations as well as their customers’ behavior.

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