ZTE has sent out invites for an upcoming event in New York City


Every smartphone or tablet manufacturer with something to show will be at IFA 2014 next week except for ZTE, who appears to have other plans. They still have something to announce, but it looks like they may wait until the buzz dies down as the ZTE invites have just rolled out for a big event in NYC on September 16. ZTE posted a Vine Video to tease their big event, and it simply says, “Prepare for the Next Hot Thing!” It’s not much do go on but apparently, they’ll show off something at The Glasshouses in New York City on September 16. It’s interesting because ZTE isn’t a well-known brand in the US, and this to hold an event in New York is a pretty big deal for the company.

To say that the first two weeks of next month will be incredibly busy in the mobile world would be a huge understatement. Next week, (almost) every Android device maker under the sun will unveil something new right before the IFA trade show in Berlin gets underway. Then, on September 9 Apple is set to finally reveal the bigger iPhone everyone’s been talking about for ages. ZTE, however, wants to be different. Unlike perpetual competitor Huawei, this Chinese smartphone maker is going to wait until all the other announcements are over and the excitement around them dies down somewhat. Then, and only then, will it hold an event of its own. This will take place in New York City on September 16, and ZTE has posted a Vine video as the invite. You can view that in its seven-second entirety at the Source link below. The image above is an excerpt. It’s still unclear what exactly ZTE will unveil at this gathering, but it promises to be “the next hot thing”. It’s interesting to note that the Vine was posted by the company’s arm in the US. So presumably whatever the device will be, it’s going to be sold on the US market. That’s not something that happens often with ZTE wares, though recently we’ve seen the Nubia 5S Mini being offered there sans contract via Amazon. Maybe that will be the case for the new handset too.

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