ZTE has teased information on the long-rumored Nubia Z7

ZTE Nubia Z7 price, release date: Specs of the rumored ZTE Zubia Z7 has been leaked, showing that this could be a high-end 5-inch smartphone. Aside from its built, it’s also expected that the device may be running on Android 4.4 KitKat with ZTE’s own software customization, Phone Arena reports. Based on prices of ZTE’s high-end unit, the Z7 maybe sold for around $500. According to Phone Arena, ZTE is currently teasing the Nubia Z7 with a photo that shows a portion of its backside, revealing a camera with LED flash. The text accompanying the leaked image reads “a little more beautiful” in Chinese, which suggests that the upcoming handset will have a fashionable look.

The ZTE Nubia Z7 has been making its rounds for quite some time already, in fact, it was first mentioned back in January last year to be a phablet of sorts, before slightly more than a year after that, there were whispers of aMarch or April announcement which surely came and went without anything concrete to show for it. Well, all of those non-events do not mean that the ZTE Nubia Z7 is a scam, no sir, it is still a very real device, and ZTE has teased the masses with a photo of the Nubia Z7 which depicts a segment of its back side, showing off a camera and an LED flash. In Chinese, the accompanying text can be roughly translated to “a little more beautiful”, which does point out that the upcoming handset will have a look that will be aesthetically pleasing to the masses. So far, rumor has it that the ZTE Nubia Z7 will reside on the high end side of things with its 5” display, alongside Android 4.4 KitKat as the operating system of choice, coupled with ZTE’s very own software customization right out of the box. The ZTE Nubia Z7 could very well be announced to the masses as early as this month, although we will have to sit tight and see how the situation develops.

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