NanoNote: Semi…Quasi…Decent-ish Computing for $99!

I bet this thing could STILL run Diablo 2.

The “本 NanoNote” is something I can’t even decide what to classify as, let alone formulate an opinion of.

A ‘copyleft’ hardware device, this little, er… well, ‘hardware device’, has everything today’s frugal-yet-internet-savvy gentleman demands for his hard-earned dollar: a 3″ color TFT display rocking a positively vivid 320×240 resolution; a vast 32mb of RAM; a 2-gig SDHC card for a hard disk; and, powering this unruly beast, an Ingenic Jz4740 Multimedia Application Processor clocking 336MHz and running OpenWRT – an operating system used for routers.

The ‘本’ (pronounced ‘běn’) is the Chinese character for ‘origin’. Says, “It signifies exactly what the first version of the NanoNote is: a beginning.” Yes, sharism, it certainly does. Personally, with a price point like this, I’d still pick one of these up – I bet it still runs Diablo 2. Everything runs Diablo 2.

[via GrunchGear]

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