Chinese tech counterfeiting, visualized

Fake Apple Store

It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. At other times, it’s comically easy.

Apple and other companies have fallen victim to many counterfeit technology stores and products in China for years, but it seems as if there has been an influx of activity in recent months that’s been making the news. In a land that is growing into its own in pseudo-capitalism but that’s still shrouded by government-induced mystery, it can be extremely lucrative to sell fake merchandise for a little while, knowing that someday it will likely get busted.

Until it does, there’s a¬†yuan to make.

This graphic from Charlotte Nissan Dealers looks at Apple’s and other western companies’ troubles with China over recent years. Click to enlarge.

From: Charlotte Nissan Dealers Via: Web Hosting Geeks

By Rocco Penn

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