Sacramento Kings will wear Google Glass at their next game

The Sacramento Kings are setting themselves up to be one of the more progressive NBA franchises out there. Earlier this week, the team announced it would start accepting Bitcoin, and now the team has announced that select players, cheerleaders, announcers, and even the mascot will wear Google Glass during a game against the Indiana Pacers on January 24th. 

If you’re expecting to get an up close and personal look at what taking an elbow – or a basketball – to the face might feel like for your average NBA player, we have some disappointing news for you. The recent revelations that the Sacramento Kings are planning to use Google Glass during one of their games is a wee bit of a misnomer. Yes, some Kings players will don Google Glass and use technology from CrowdOptic to broadcast exactly what they’re seeing as part of the NBA game experience to the Jumbotron of the Sleep Train Arena, as well as those viewing on smartphones or televisions. Also included in the broadcasting mix are the game’s announcers, the Kings’ mascot, and the team’s dancers – to name a few extra participants.

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