Up3 is Jawbone’s ambitious new fitness tracker

Jawbone loves data. It loves collecting more data; it loves collecting better data. Data is what makes the Up platform turn, what helps it turn its product from simple trackers into devices that subtly nudge you toward a better, healthier life. Today, Jawbone is launching a high-end product designed to get better data, and a low-end product designed to get more. Meet the Up3 and the Up Move. 

We tend to talk about wearables with a sense of inevitability. They’re gonna happen, and they’re gonna be big. We’re just … not exactly sure what that looks like yet. Health stuff, sure. Payments, maybe. Notifications? Ack. From our vantage today, it’s still tough to envision what a truly ubiquitous wearable might look like. The Jawbone Up3 doesn’t answer that question definitively. But it offers some reassurance that any feelings of inevitability are not misguided. In terms of both its guts and the skin they’re wrapped in, the new band’s ambitious design pushes the category forward in important ways.

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By Rocco Penn

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