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Facial Recognition Coming to U.S. Airports by 2021
GrubHub Sinks as Analysts Say it's Struggling to Keep Pace with UberEats and DoorDash
Robots will Serve as Guides for the 2020 Olympics
Musk Defense “borders on the Ridiculous,” SEC Tells Court
An Exclusive Look at an Original iPhone Prototype
Mac Accessory Vendor OWC Acquires Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure Maker InXtron
Investigators Asked to Use Michael Cohen's Face and Fingerprints to Access his Apple Devices
Vonage Brings Number Programmability to its Business Service
Facebook’s Tremendous Size was its Greatest Asset. Now it May Be its Biggest Problem.
Facebook Settles ACLU Job Advertisement Discrimination Suit
Hayabusa2 Finds that its Destination is Also a Very Dark Rubble Pile
Pandora Switches up its Classic Listening Experience with Modes
AI Classifies Emotions from EEG Data
Angry Birds AR is Coming to iPhone this Spring
Severe Security Bug Found in Popular PHP Library for Creating PDF Files
Please, Apple, Sort Out your Product Naming Nightmare [Opinion]
James Bond's Next Aston Martin Might Be Electric
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