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Face Recognition: Are Italy's Police Using Millions More Mugshots than is Legal?
Apple Exec Admits Qualcomm was the Only Option for 4G in the iPhone for Years
AI System Prioritizes X-rays by Urgency
Linux Foundation Launches Hyperledger Grid to Provide Framework for Supply Chain Projects
Garmin's Latest Golf GPS Can Throw You into Virtual Tournaments
Diamond Pro’s AI Spots Imperfection in Gems
Let's Just not Talk About That, OK?
Papal Swiss Guard Keep Cool Heads with 3-D Helmets
Company Plans to Start Mining the Moon Alongside European Space Agency
Jabil Aims to Certify and Validate Additive Manufacturing Materials
Apple Named 'World's Most Admired Company' for 12th Year in a Row
Apple's 2020 iPhones will Likely Get Upgraded Displays After the XR Disappoints
Pixelmator Pro Update Adds Clipping Masks, Streamlined Layer Adjustments and Filtering
Samsung Launches
Tesla Makes a Small Cut to its Controversial Supercharger Price Hike
Twitter Suspends the Account that Made the MAGA Students Vs. Native-American Elder Confrontation Go Viral
A Big Hyperloop Player Says People Might Be Able to Take Rides by 2022
Two in Five Technology Job Applicants Don't Have the Right Technical Chops, Survey Finds
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