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3 of the hottest tech innovations being used for the public sector

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The advent of global and communications technologies has been at the forefront of business and consumer industries for years, allowing us to share data, ideas and collaborative tools instantly around the world. However, the private sector isn’t the only industry to be revolutionized by the digital age.

Technological advances in the public sector has seen a huge growth as the need for reliable communication tools and state-of-the-art devices rises in an effort to save lives and serve the community.


Innovative technology for civil servants

A civil servant, being responsible for saving lives, assisting those who need it, and working as responders of the highest caliber should always be in a position where they can perform their work at the level of excellence that is expected of them. Therefore, it’s essential for civil servants to be a part of, and have access to, any technological developments that can aid them in their quest to save lives.

In 2006, the state of New York approved the funds for the testing of mobile technologies to measure their effectiveness for Child Protective Services. They also helped in assisting caseworkers with handling their caseload. Laptops, tablets, digital pens, cell phones and telephone dictation services were all tested on how functional they were for case documentation. After seeing positive result, New York City Caseworkers are now being provided with high end tablets and laptops designed for better efficiency and always-on communication.

In the case of firefighters, new technologies have emerged such as the thermal imaging systems, allowing firefighters to view hot spots using thermal heat maps, even while immersed in smoke. To help police officers, crime lights (each with different wavelengths to pick up on everything from hairs to fibers), advanced cameras, and GPS technology are instrumental in assisting them keep their communities safe.


Software and technology for healthcare workers

Doctors and specialists are constantly surprising even themselves with the evolution of diagnosis and treatments. People are living longer due to advances in medicine and surgical procedures. It’s because of the constant evolution of the healthcare industry, with a profound interest in providing the utmost in patient care, that technological innovations are now appearing.

Many of these new technologies are being implemented into the courses required for completion of a degree. For instance, when going through the process for CBT College Medical Assisting certificates, students are taught about new patient management software. These types of software eliminate the need for paper documents by processing billing, claims, records and appointments within one electronic system.

Other innovations such as hematology analyzers and PACS (Patient Archiving and Communication System) are providing something to the patient and the hospital that was previously not present. It’s through these systems that radiological images are stored and patient safety is highlighted by reducing the instances of human error.


Revolutionary technology in the legal field

There is perhaps no other field that is known more for paper waste than the legal field. Lawyers are sure to keep all forms, documents and client information for many years. In the estate planning field, Wills, Pre-Need Guardians and other important forms have to be signed by the client and copies have to be securely stored. For an attorney who goes to trial, briefings are kept and evidence gathered.

Given the amount of paper used, it’s important to cut waste when able. There are now many e-filing options and in fact, some states are requiring that all documents submitted to the state are electronic. Electronic billing is now an option for attorneys as well that many are implementing into their firms.

It is through technological innovations that those in the public sector can continue to grow and evolve to become a group or system that is effective and efficient to those they serve. As more technologies emerge and are implemented, it’ll mean for a smooth process in all aspects.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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