4 reasons #socialmedia has most people jumping on the smartphone bandwagon


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Believe it or not, people are still using flip phones, Motorola Razors, and phones with buttons!… what? But those folks are increasingly in the minority. A new study by Princeton Survey Research Associates International found that 61% of American cell phone users are now using a smartphone.

But why now? I think social media plays a huge role. Here’s why:


It’s always with you

Right now the only way to connect with friends and family through social media is through a PC/Mac, tablet or a smart phone. So unless you want to wait till you get home to make a Facebook post about how excited you are that you finally tried the Doritos Locos Taco or Tweet about how angry you are that your favorite Game of Thrones character just got killed off, you’re going to need your phone so you can share these moments in real time on social media apps.


A decent camera?

Ask any photographer, “What’s the best camera?” They’ll most likely respond with some technical jargon. But what they should say is: “The one that you have on you.” In other words, your phone!

I, like many people, don’t even own a camera anymore – my phone is my camera, and it’s always right where I need it. Smartphones nowadays usually come standard with 8-megapixel cameras, which take pretty good photos. And, naturally, with a smartphone you can share all your photos and videos instantly on your favorite content-sharing platforms.


APPS on apps

“What’s a Vine?” “What’s an Instagram?” Were questions we once asked, or still are asking because hundreds of apps are being released everyday for smartphones. Whether it’s connecting with friends, checking the weather, helping me track my fitness goals, calculating how much I should tip my waiter, or even using my phone as a flashlight, there’s an app for that. It’s really the apps that make the smartphone the best tool to make your day-to-day life easier and connect in the social media world.

Mobile app development companies design these apps for smartphones, not desktops or laptops. So the user experience is easier, efficient, and feels organic on your phone. Growing social media apps like Vine and Tinder are all designed primarily for phone use (and their corresponding websites feel as though they were a low design priority, and aren’t as easy to use).


It’s where we’re headed

Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are bulking up on their mobile apps. Twitter cut off 3rd party mobile app developers so more people would use just their app alone. Smartphones keep us in the know and connected at all times – something we’ve all grown to rely on. 2013: the year the majority of the Americans have smartphones! While your phone isn’t as mighty as your desktop, at least you are connected with your friends and family everywhere you go, and developers and social media agencies are moving towards mobile social media.

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