5 lessons from recent data breaches


Technology has revolutionized the way we do everything, including shopping.  Now instead of having to go to the store and hunt for everything on your list, you can click a few buttons and have it delivered right to your home.  It’s even easier to make purchases from your mobile device.


But with that great convenience comes problems.  There have been numerous data breaches since the internet first became popular, and some of them exposed just how vulnerable we really are.

Heartbleed, for instance, had left 66% of the internet vulnerable for over three years by the time it was detected in 2014.  We were all instructed to change our passwords on the sites we used every day immediately, but only once we were notified the site was patched.  We all realized how vulnerable our personal information was that day.

For more about the lessons we’ve learned from recent data breaches, check out this infographic.


Cover Image Courtesy Of  http://www.freestockphotos.biz/

Infographic Courtesy Of http://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/

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