7 geeky cakes that might be too beautiful to eat



It’s a tough call. On one hand, the detail and craftsmanship of these wonderful creations should be preserved for as long as cake can stay without rotting. On the other hand, letting them get to that stage at all would be a bad thing as well. After all, it’s cake, right?

The folks over at that’s nerdalicious have an eye for finding geeky cakes on a regular basis. Here are some from their archives that we found exceptionally geek-worthy.

Let them eat cake!


Jawa Cake

Jawa Cake
Source: Neatorama


Assassin’s Creed Cake

Source: Geeks Are Sexy


Motherboard Cake

Motherboard Cake
Source: Make


Dragon Cake

Dragon Cake
Source: Flickr


Hermoine’s Bag Cake

Hermoine's Bag Cake
Source: Between the Pages


Hobbit House Cake

Source: Between the Pages


Pokemon Cake

Pokemon Cake
Source: Instructables


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