7 iWatch concepts and why most of them won’t work for Apple


iWatch Concept 1

As we said when we first brought up the rumor, the Apple iWatch represents a much-needed infusion of fresh technology to help the mega-company get out of it’s creativity- and stock-rut. Shares have been falling. Sentiment has been waning. They need a winning idea and the iWatch is probably their next big one.

As with all things Apple, many talented designers took to their computers to conceptualize the next Apple product. We’ve seen some entertaining renditions of iPhones and iPads over the years, but this is the first truly unique gadget that the company has worked on in a long time. Here are some of the best concepts that we found. It should be noted that one not-so-bold prediction about the iWatch is that it will have curved glass, meaning that only the last two variations, similar as they are, have a chance of being close to the end result.

iWatch Concept 2

iWatch Concept 3

iWatch Concept 4

iWatch Concept 6

iWatch Concept 5

iWatch Concept 7

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