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Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory

8 geeky shows that captured our hearts

Whether you are an open and proud geek or just getting in touch with your inner nerd, this list of TV shows has something for everyone to love.

Big Bang Theory

If you’re looking for shows to tickle your geek fancy, these eight shows will do the trick.


Big Bang Theory

This is a show about four awkward geeks who know way too much about comic books, gaming, Star Trek and quantum physics — and way too little about girls and relationships. Interspersed with references to science, technology, and gaming are hysterical interactions with Penny, the girl next door, an aspiring actress and waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, a quirky neurobiologist. Now in its 7th season, the Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular geek series on TV.



Dr. Temperence Brennan and her team of scientists at the Jeffersonian Institute help Special Agent Seeley Booth solve murders using a geek-worthy combination of esoteric forensic anthropology and cutting-edge lab technology. Brennan’s “squints” are experts in bugs, spores, psychological profiling, and 3D facial reconstruction, among other things. Brennan’s character, suggested to suffer from Asperger syndrome, has been called the most compelling female nerd in a TV genre that typically features socially awkward men. 


Under the Dome

This series is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name and boasts Steven Spielberg as one of the executive producers. Chester’s Mill, a small Maine town, is mysteriously sealed off from the world by a transparent but indestructible dome. The program started as a mini-series; it was so popular, CBS brought it back as a TV series in 2013. The second season kicks off in summer 2014 with a premier episode written by King himself. If you couldn’t get enough of Dean Norris in Breaking Bad, he shines under the dome as a politician and used car salesman.  


Doctor Who

This BBC sitcom is the longest-running sci-fi drama series in the history of television. The Doctor Who and the TARDIS celebrated their 50th anniversary this year with a record-breaking simulcast to 90 countries. After the 2005 series reboot, Doctor Who drew a wider geek fan base. If you’re a new Doctor Who fan, Verizon FiOS TV has great news for you: not only can you watch the latest episodes when you want, you can stream the old classic episodes for a Doctor Who TV marathon. 


Battlestar Galactica

This Sci-Fi channel gem features a 6-foot-tall blonde supermodel as the robot love interest of Dr. Gaius Baltar. The Battlestar Galactica, under Commander Adama, is the all that remains of the colonial fleet. The evil Cylons, intent on wiping out the human race, pursue the starship on its quest for the elusive 13th colony, Earth. In a strange season finale, Dr. Baltar and his robot end up in modern-day New York City. 


The X-Files

Over 200 episodes chronicle the exploits of FBI agents Mulder and Scully, who investigate unsolved cases of paranormal phenomena. The show, a synthesis of the best of The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, and The Invaders, features Agent Dana Scully trying to debunk Agent Fox Mulder’s theories about how supernatural forces explain mysterious crimes. 


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) brings back Agent Phil Coulson to recruit a select team of agents from the around the world to form S.H.I.E.L.D. This select group of non-superhuman mortals is tasked with saving the world from all sorts of supernatural threats. This series is Whedon’s nod to all his geek fans wondering what happened to Firefly. 


The Walking Dead

No geek best-of list would be complete without a post-apocalyptic zombie series, and The Walking Dead delivers on the geek and nerd essentials: The undead, the comic series, and the Halo and Call of Duty-worthy combat. This show is hailed by fans as the zombie series with brains. Your non-geek friends will enjoy this one with you: It was nominated for the 2011 Emmy for Best Television Drama. 

Try watching these shows when you’ve got a spare hour — or, better yet, settle in for an weekend of geek-show goodness. 

  1. Another great Geek love of mine is the BBC show “The IT Crowd” find it on Netflix, a great sitcom about the IT department of a business with plenty of familiar references, and a few familiar faces.

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