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So you’ve created the greatest app known to man. It’s so innovative, so creative that there is no possible way for it not to become the number 1 Andoird app on the market. Or it could just be overlooked. Lost within the 500,000 odd apps already floating around Android’s universe, yours could go undiscovered.

But what makes apps more popular than others? It isn’t just the “good” apps that gain fame and notoriety, oh no, there is a much more deep process when it comes to promoting apps.

Out love affair with apps is only growing stronger; we are in love and we don’t care who knows it. The average number of apps on any given smart phone has jumped from 32 to 41 in the last year. Now, we are willing to try anything one, but only once.

Make your app release count, check out this infographic below presented by Startapp and see what your app could be missing.

android app distribution

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