Adobe Flash? On MY iPad? More Likely Than You Think


Alright, alright, calm down – no, Big Steve still gets all frowny when you mention Adobe. But assuming you have a jailbroken iPad (I would), Flash can finally be yours with Frash.

From the folks that brought you the Spirit jailbreak, and running on a compatibility layer, Frash is… well, it’s Flash, with an R. Finally, that half of the internet you weren’t able to see while lazing on the couch doing that… iPad… thing… whatever people do with iPads. Tapping things? – is suddenly again rendered visible. Time to take back Robot Unicorn Attack.

The release isn’t stable yet, so if you aren’t a developer, you’re gonna have to sit tight. But go in peace, knowing that Newgrounds and streaming porn will soon be back in action on the iPad. Well, probably. Frash runs ‘most Flash programs’, so Newgrounds might be out of luck, being the Flash golem it is. But porn? I bet you’ll be fine for porn. Rad.

You like to watch things. It’s your favourite, right? Of course it is. Watching things is your favourite, and I have brought for you a video, because frankly, I think you’re awesome.

  1. Hmmm, torn a bit on this one, was kind of hoping flash misuse would begin to die as a result of ipad/iphone lack of support… stilla long way off being ready for all so maybe my dream will become reality!

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