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Alien Pez Dispenser Destroys Your Childhood… In the Best Way

Alien PEZ Dispenser 1

Alien PEZ Dispenser 1

Today is Toronto’s FanExpo. In celebration of utter geekdom for all, I present to you this day the Alien Pez dispenser – the most terrifying candy delivery system ever released. Childhood: ruined. Designed by Peter Davidson, I have never in my life wanted a Pez dispenser more than this one. And that’s saying something. I’m not even a fan of the franchise.

What? Don’t give me that look – I’m already nerd levels of enthusiastic for a million other franchises. It’s exhausting work! Somebody else can have Alien.

But if you’re an avid Pez collector, don’t start eBaying just yet – unfortunately, there are no current plans to bring this rad dude to mass production. But frankly, I think Pez would be stupid not to. They’d make a killing.

Get it? Killing? …That was weak. Sorry.

Alien PEZ Dispenser 2

What do you think?

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