Amazon has launched its own clothing brands


Consumer electronics are the only area where Amazon has found any real success in creating its own product lines, but the company hasn’t given up. WWD noticed on Monday that Amazon has quietly released somewhere around 1,800 new products through seven new in-house labels, which range from men’s tailored apparel to women’s clothing. Considering how the company is expected to surpass Macy’s to become the top clothing seller in the United States by 2017, it’s not all that surprising to see it getting more aggressive in the clothing market.

Amazon Fashion’s race to be seen as a a serious competitor in the world of apparel retail is picking up steam. The company is not only on track to pass Macy’s as the U.S.’s largest clothing seller by 2017, but it has just launched seven new in-house labels to boot. The new affordably priced women’s offerings — which come in both straight and plus sizes — include workwear (Lark & Ro), cold-weather knits (North Eleven), a casual basics line for flannels and cardigans (James & Erin) and a slightly more sophisticated selection of cocktail dresses and handbags (Society New York). Additionally, the retailer rolled out a line of menswear products, including dress shoes (Franklin & Freeman) and suits (Franklin Tailored), as well as a pastel-heavy children’s range (Scout + Ro). The labels were released without much fanfare from the company, but WWD reports that the Seattle-based giant is currently recruiting senior-level designers to elevate the current selection. In addition to serving as another arm of the company’s rapidly growing fashion sector, a KeyBanc Capital analyst told the trade that these in-house brands may also “induce traditional clothing vendors to sell to Amazon.”

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