AMD predicts that half of it 2015 revenue will be from non-PCs


AMD has released its latest projections during a presentation at the Credit Suisse 18th Annual Technology Conference predicting that half of their profit margins will come from sectors outside the PC market in 2015. According to Kitguru, AMD’s Chief Financial Officer, Devinder Kumar, said “Our next target point is by the time we get to the end of 2015 to have at least 50 percent of our business coming from the non-PC, non-traditional sector, and then we will see what happens after that.”

In the coming quarters Advanced Micro Devices will continue to shift its focus from personal computers to other devices. By the end of 2015 about half of the company’s revenue will come from products that are not related to personal computers, in line with the company’s plans. For many years Advanced Micro Devices earned its revenue by selling microprocessors and, more recently, graphics processing units and core-logic sets for personal computers. However, it became increasingly hard for AMD to maintain its revenue in the recent years due to tougher competition, shrinking PC market and inability to address high-end of the desktop and server markets with its central processing units. As a result, the company decided to change its strategy and shift its focus to different markets where competition is not that strong, but which present opportunities for AMD.

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